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differentgreens's Journal

A Different Shade of Green
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This community is meant to be a place for people who are members of the Green Party all over the world to come together and discuss everything from politics to favorite hiking trails.

Rules for the community:
-Please keep the community decent!
While I encourage healthy debates, please no petty fights, and no nasty comments!
-Please only join this community if you are a member of a Green Party, or lean towards left politics. There are plenty of communities for the conservative parties of the world, and this isn't one of those communities.
-Images are to be put behind a cut.
-Extremely long posts are to be put behind a cut.

Failure to follow the rules will force me to be more selective in the users and comments allowed in this community. I really don't want to have to do that. Let's try and show the rest of the world what a great, loving, and caring people we all are!